Your vote is your voice.




Electoral Commission

Research revealed that participation in future elections and referendums would stay stubbornly low if we didn’t engage more with disenfranchised voters.

The same research also told us that simply telling people that their vote is valuable wouldn’t be enough to persuade them to actually use it. People need to believe they will ‘lose out’ if they don’t vote. So we developed the creative platform “Your Vote is Your Voice, don’t let someone else speak for you” to disrupt this thinking. Using a humorous approach to break down cynicism among non-voters, we depicted relatable, everyday scenarios where someone’s say (their voice) in making a decision is taken away from them by someone else, with unexpected and unwelcome consequences.

The campaign helped record numbers of people find their voice and their vote again with more people adding themselves to the Voter Register in the first 6 weeks of 2024 compared to the entire previous 12 months.

Executive Creative Director: Shane O’Brien
Copywriter: Jean Donovan
Art Director: Kevin Leahy
Agency Producer: Hannah Lambert

Directed by Tiny Bullet for Antidote Films.
Post by Penco Post.


AdForum PHNX Awards 2024
Silver (campaign) – Film Creative Idea
Silver (campaign) – Digital Online Films
Bronze x 3 – Strategy and Technique, Copywriting and Storytelling

Executive Creative Director
Your Vote is Your Voice