Running for two years, this was Meteor’s most successful campaign ever.

Christmas Ltd – TVC (2014)

Too much egg, not enough nog…

Santa Class – TVC (2014)

C’mon Bernard! Sweat it out…

Turkey Training – TVC (2014)

Christmas Log – TVC (2014)

Spotify Ad – Web Film (2014)

A Very Profitable Christmas.

This ad appeared as a banner on the music streaming Spotify. The album was produced and distributed to radio DJs, given as a prize to Meteor customers, and made available for everyone to listen to online.

The Story of the Campaign – Case Film (2014)

Finding the true meaning of Christmas, and using it to make a sled load of cash.

Christmas Isles – TVC (2015)

All parts sold separately.

Hammer – TVC (2015)

Just fill the rest of them with sand.

Christmas Crackers – TVC (2015)

Buy them now, or your children won’t love you.

Pebble Pals – Social Content (2015)

Pebble Pals was shot in the agency and directed by myself and my art director Ciara Rapple – who also built the set.

Smell like a turkey. Feel like a man.

Festivity – Social Content (2015)


For Meteor’s Christmas Unlimited Campaign in 2014, we created Nicholas St Wenceslas – misanthropist, holiday Magnate and CEO of Christmas LTD, the company who make you pay more for Christmas while offering you less.

This was a huge campaign – with 4 TV ads, heavy outdoor and radio, and the biggest digital campaign Rothco had ever produced. The campaign won the Meteor’s digital account – with a dedicated website for Christmas LTD, dozens of digital display formats, a social campaign involving Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, a huge amount of online filmed content, and a Christmas album.

Christmas LTD was an outstanding success. So in 2015 Meteor asked us to bring Nick back. Now living in tax exile in the Christmas Isles, Nicholas is bigger and badder than ever. No longer just a CEO, he’s become a kind of festive super villain with a tropical corporate HQ, a poker-faced sidekick named Nick Nick, and plans for more extreme and imaginative Christmas rip offs than ever before – including his own fragrance line and an unbelievably shit toy that your kids just have to have.

Directed by D.A.D.D.Y for Red Rage Films.

Art Directors: Kevin Keenan & Ciara Rapple
Agency Producers: Margaret Levingstone & Jessica Derby


ICAD 2015:
Silver – Earned Media
Bronze – TV Campaign
Bronze – Campaign Website / Microsite
Bronze – Social Media
Bronze – Use of Music Campaign
11 Commendations

Bronze – Web Campaign
Bronze – Social Media
Shortlist – TV Campaign
Shortlist – Casting
Shortlist – Direction
Shortlist – Editing

An Post Smart Marketing Awards 2015:
Grand Prix – Black Fox
Gold – Smartest Advertising Campaign
Gold – Smartest Communications Utilities
Silver – Smartest Copywriting
Silver – Smartest Integrated Campaign
Bronze – Smartest Social Media

Grand Prix
Top Recalled 6 Sheet

ICAD 2016:
Commendation – TV up to 30 seconds
Commendation – Film for Pebble Pals
Commendation – Campaign

Christmas LTD
November 2014